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Brand: Nat Sherman

Series: ‘Timeless’452 Nicaraguan

Size: 4” x 52 ring

Origin: Nicaraguan wrapper, binder, filler

Price Paid: Free! Received it at Big Smoke, 2013. Retail approx. $7 USD

Paired With: Scuttlebutt IPA from Hoptopia brewing

Nat Sherman 452_1


 In keeping with the ‘Timeless’ theme, the Nat Sherman 452 sports a slick Art Deco styled band which looks like an old clock, or watch face. Yes, this has nothing to do with the construction, but I’m a sucker for all things old and Deco, and I appreciated the touch. The cigar itself was medium firm and consistent. A few veins were noticeable to the touch, on the dark, oily wrapper. The unlit foot gave off a rich, fresh tobacco smell almost like stepping into a humidor. The cold draw offered up a nice earthy, almost pungent taste.

First Third:

The first third of my 452 had a medium firm draw. Each puff hit my palate with the taste of a strong, dark chocolate and finished with a woody, almost oak note. The first third had a great, full mouth feel to it and was smooth overall. The 452 had a clean finish without much aftertaste. The burn was good, and the strength was mild to medium.

Nat Sherman_2

Second Third:

Moving into the second third, my 452 actually became a little milder. The dark chocolate, which was big and bold early on, became more of a soft cocoa note at the front of the draw. A toasty undertone was present through the second third, and the smooth, clean mouth feel remained the same. Moving through the second third into the final third, I noticed the 452 had a bit of a dry finish to it. The ‘dry’ I describe reminded me of smaller European cigars or cigarillos. The burn was excellent, the draw stayed medium, and the strength was mild to medium.

Nat Sherman 452_3

Final Third:

 The final third of my 452 remained almost exactly the same as the second third. There was no noticeable change in the flavor, draw or burn. As sometimes happens with smaller cigars, the final third started to heat up noticeably, and became a little bitter perhaps earlier than I’d expected. I chose to put the 452 down at this point as there wasn’t anything remarkable happening flavor wise.

Nat Sherman 452_4


One of the reasons I love cigars, is that you never know what you’ll get once you start smoking. Based on the rich, earthy pre-light aromas from my Nat Sherman 452, I expected rich, meaty, leathery flavours. Instead, I got a fairly consistent, straightforward smoke which leaned towards the smooth and dry side of things. Chocolate and cocoa were the dominant flavours at first, but both of these slowly died down, leaving me with a milder, toasty cigar.   Would I recommend this cigar? Yes I would. I think the 452 Nicaraguan is a nice straightforward cigar, well suited for a shorter smoking session. It’s not an after dinner powerhouse, nor is it the most complex smoke you’ll encounter, but I think it’d be perfect in the morning with coffee, or later on with a nice rum. Would I smoke another? I would, and intend to try the next one in a different size, with a different drink pairing.

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