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Brand: Sublimes

Series: n/a

Size: Double Robusto – 5 ¾” x 54 ring

Origin: Made in Nicaragua with Ecuadorian wrapper, Honduran binder and Nicaraguan filler.

Price Paid: Free! – received with admission to “Big Smoke” 2013. Retail approx. $9 USD

Paired With: Cuban coffee, black.

Cigars Smoked For This Review: 1


Due to the general madness of life as of late, I’ve been negligent in both reviewing cigars and, worse still…. Smoking cigars. Having less cigar time, or going through short cigar droughts can happen to the most dedicated of cigar lovers, but it doesn’t make these temporary spells any more enjoyable or acceptable. I’ve long praised cigars as being “forced relaxation”, and have realized lately that I need to follow my own advice a little more often. Without further ado, I urge you to grab yourself a fine cigar, put the brakes on life for the next hour or so, and take in this review of the Sublimes double robusto.


My double robusto was quite firm from end to end, and the medium brown Ecuadorian wrapper had a noticeably oily feel to it. The unlit foot smelled of fresh tobacco with a faint piney or cedar-ish note, and the cold draw had a faint citrus taste. I was intrigued by the nose on this cigar and can’t honestly remember the last time I smoked anything that offered a pre-light citrus taste.


First Third:

My Sublimes double robusto was very light on the palate from the beginning. I noted almost a total absence of any peppery or spicy flavours. What I did pick up was a toasty, creamy flavor accented by a hint of cedar. Each puff through the first third finished with just a hint of leather, and a hint of something bright, like the citrus fruit offered on the cold draw. The burn during the first third was excellent, and the draw was medium firm. The strength was mild to medium.


Second Third:

The second third of the Sublimes double robusto was a gradual evolution of the first third. It stayed quite smooth up front, had almost no spicy or peppery notes, and still offered a full mouth feel. What really impressed me about the second third were the subtle hints of cedary and citrusy flavours, which continued weaving in and out of the finish of each puff. These flavours were a perfect counterpoint to the soft leather character, which stayed constant. The burn remained excellent, and the draw and strength were medium.


 Final Third:

The final third of the Sublimes became a little more earthy up front, but remained light in the pepper and spice department. The soft leather character became more prominent through each puff, but remained balanced. The citrus and cedar notes, which impressed me so much early on, became more of a faint hint, and there weren’t any other surprises in the flavor department. The burn started to wander just a little, but I’m inclined to think it was my enthusiastic smoking that led to this. The draw and strength were both a happy medium.


I’m happy to say that after waiting any months to smoke the Sublimes double robusto, it impressed the hell out of me. This cigar was artfully blended and gave me something to think about through the whole smoking experience. I believe one of the most difficult things a cigar maker can do is make a subtle, mild to medium strength cigar that still packs a range of balanced flavours, and the folks at Sublimes have done just that. Would I recommend this cigar? Yes, absolutely. The Sublimes double robusto is a fantastic balance between strength and character, which I think would be truly appreciated by a veteran cigar smoker, but not overwhelming or lost on a less experienced smoker. Would I smoke another? Definitely, and I look forward to it.


Rock out,


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