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Brand: Drew Estate

Series: Unico Serie – ‘Feral Flying Pig’

Size: 5 3/8″ x 60

Origin: Nicaragua – Nicaraguan filler, Brazilian binder, and Connecticut (Habano) wrapper

Price Paid: Approx $13 USD

Paired With: Metropolis Brewing – Black IPA

Cigars smoked for this review: 1

Feral Pig_1

So I’ll start this review with a shout out to Jorgen for reminding me it’s been far too long since I hammered out a review.  Out of guilt, I’m now digging into my archives of cigars which I smoked, photographed, and never finalized the reviews on, in order to put this one together.  The brief preamble to the Drew Estate ‘Feral Flying Pig’ review (which I’m just going to refer to as the ‘Feral Pig’), is that I’d had this cigar in my possession since late 2012, or early 2013. I believe larger ring gauge cigars often benefit more from some additional rest time than some of their skinnier family members. As  As you may be able to tell by the yellowing of the band, it was definitely a well rested smoke by the time I worked up the nerve to part ways with it.


My Feral Pig was quite firm from end to end.  For a 60 ring cigar, this was a pleasant exception to the normal soft spot or two which larger cigars seem to have.  The dark, maduro wrapper was beautifully oily, free of any notable defects, and had a slight toothiness to it. The unlit foot had a faint barnyard aroma to it, which had mellowed slightly over the years.  The cold draw gave off a sweet tobacco taste.

Feral Pig_2

First Third:

The first third of my Feral Pig opened with a dry, white pepper character.  The draw was initially a little too loose, or open for my liking, but this settled down quickly, firming up to more of a medium draw. The slightly firmer draw gave off massive plumes of blue-white smoke, with a rich mouth feel and medium leathery character.  I picked up a slight undertone of nutmeg through the first third, but the flavour was generally bold and straightforward.   The burn was near perfect, and the strength was medium.

Feral Pig_3

Second Third: 

The second third of the Feral Pig was remarkably consistent with the first.  So consistent in fact, that I didn’t note any significant flavour changes.  I did make note of the fact that the burn remained shockingly perfect for a large ring gauge cigar.  The ash was also unusually white and perfect, flaking off cleanly exactly when it needed to.  The draw remained medium, and the strength was on the medium – full side of things.

Feral Pig_4

Final Third:

The final third of the Feral Pig shifted gears ever so slightly.  The massive clouds of smoke and rich leathery mouth feel stayed constant.  The faint nutmeg undertone from the first two thirds dropped out, and was replaced by a bit of pepper, and a finish which had a faint hint of the bitterness you associate with really high test dark chocolate.  The burn and draw remained the same, and the strength stayed medium full.


Don’t let a name fool you.  That’s the lesson the Feral Pig re-taught me. Based in equal parts on the name and ring gauge of this cigar, I was expecting a wild, kick in the pants, ligero-fuelled joyride which may or may not have been balanced and tasteful.  What I actually experienced was a very well balanced cigar, with solid construction and depth of flavour.  The flavours in the Feral Pig were distinct and straightforward, and at no point was the cigar muddy or weak tasting.  I think that this cigar absolutely benefitted from the extended rest I gave it, and I’m glad I managed to hang onto it as long as I did.  Would I recommend this cigar? Yes, absolutely.  Although it falls into the ‘rare / hard to find’ category, if you’re sitting on one in your humidor, or have access to one, don’t wait any longer to fire it up.  Would I buy another?  That’s a tough call.  I got my hands on this one a few years back before the prices of the average Drew Estate cigar had gone up significantly.  At the $13 ish I paid for it then, I’d consider another one.  At the roughly $18 to 20 ish I’ve seen this cigar selling for now, it’s become a little rich for my tastes.


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