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Drew Estate Goes Mobile!



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Anybody reading this enjoy Drew Estate cigars and also own an Iphone? Good, now continue reading…. Based on my ongoing love affair with all things T52, I’m excited to report that  Drew Estate, makers of phenomenal cigars such as the Chateau… (read the rest)

Big Smoke Las Vegas 2011 – My first Big Smoke Experience



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A few days ago, I was lucky enough to attend the 16th ‘Big Smoke, Las Vegas’ event, hosted at the Venetian Hotel by Cigar Aficionado Magazine.  This was the first Big Smoke event I’ve been to, and I can honestly… (read the rest)

Cigaropolis: Like it on Facebook – Follow on Twitter.



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While this isn’t earth shattering news, I’ve realized lately that many people who follow Cigaropolis through this site aren’t aware of the Cigaropolis Facebook page, or the fact that Cigaropolis recently established a profile on Twitter. You can find corresponding… (read the rest)

The ‘Stinky’ Ashtray Update



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This short, sweet update is both Smokin’ News and a follow up to an existing Gear Review.  I decided to tag it in the news category as well, because what you’re about to read is just that awesome. The ‘Stinky’… (read the rest)

Cigar Travel Section Is Up and Running!



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When I travel, it’s a guarantee that I’ll bring a few cigars with me, and try to find more while I’m on the road.  Sometimes I’ll get lucky and discover a great shop.  There are just as many times where I’ll… (read the rest)

Big Smoke Las Vegas: 2011 Dates Announced!



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For cigar lovers, this is like having two extra Christmases to look forward to…. The two ‘Big Smoke’ events for 2011 have been officially announced. The Las Vegas ‘Big Smoke’ will take place at The Venetian Hotel and Casino from… (read the rest)

Have your Cohiba, and eat it too!



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Greetings folks. While this isn’t specifically cigar related ‘news’, I felt compelled to share it with the cigar loving masses. I figured quite simply that anyone taking the time to read a cigar enthusiast website would probably appreciate this one…. (read the rest)

A Quick Lesson on Fake Cuban Cigars.



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Greetings folks.  After doing the Cohiba Robusto review several days ago, I started thinking about the fact that there are more fake Cubans cigars than real ones on the global market. The big names, such as Cohiba and Montecristo, are… (read the rest)

Big Smoke Las Vegas – 2010



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They’re doing it again….  For those of you who may be interested and have a few bucks to spend, Cigar Aficionado is hosting their 15th Annual Big Smoke event, November 12th and 13th in Las Vegas.  If you’re already reading… (read the rest)